Coaching with Cultural Intelligence

Do you want to become a culturally intelligent coach who is able to confidently and effectively coach regardless of your client’s cultural background? 

Our Coaching with Cultural Intelligence (CCQ) Course is designed to provide you with the perspectives, tools, and skills that have been proven by coaches with clients on 6 continents. CCQ trainees come from and work in diverse cultural, national, and organizational contexts that enrich the learning experience. Through guided study, demonstrations, interactive online classes, peer practice, mentor support, and hands-on cross-cultural coaching, you will learn how to recognize and adapt your approach considering the cultural values that impact the coaching relationship. In addition, you will also learn the essentials for coaching culture stress and re-entry, as well as effective self-care that can sustain and enable you to finish well as a culturally intelligent coach.

“I thought I understood cultural dynamics after decades in missions. But, now I have a way of understanding cultures I have never lived in; and, even more understanding of the culture that I did live in! I can look at the issues of culture more clearly now, and tailor coaching sessions to clients no matter where they are from!”

– Dr. Kevin B. – Professional Coach Training Graduate

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