Coaching with Life Purpose

Do you want to have the tools and skill to confidently coach others around their unique Life purpose and God-given calling? 

Our Coaching with Life Purpose (CLP) course is designed to provide you with the perspectives, tools, and skills to bring clarity and understanding to your client’s life purpose and calling. Through a 7 Question Life Purpose Discovery Model that utilizes over 60 tools and exercises, you will learn to help clients discover how their unique design, passions, preparation, and calling is leading them to the fulfillment of their life purpose. To build confidence and competence, this course features interactive online classes with demonstrations of the skills being trained. You will also engage in extensive hands-on practice of new skills with a peer partner first, and then with real clients, all with the continued support and feedback of mentor coaching.

“This course has made my life and ministry more focused, and in a word, more “intentional.” I am much more in tune with my “being call” and “life messages.” As a result, I am less concerned about what I do and more concerned about who I am. It has been freeing. I now have a passion to finish well in my calling, and to help coach and encourage others to do the same.”

– R.C., Certificate Track Trainee

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