Foundations for Coaching Excellence

Are you looking for coaching skills that will impact the way you lead, serve and live? 

Our 1-year cross-cultural, Christ-centered Foundations for Coaching Excellence (FCE) course will give you the skills to ask powerful questions, to know what to listen for and how to draw out God’s heart in your client, coworker, or any individual to help them achieve their goals. We do this by providing you with tools, examples, practice, and an encouraging environment. We offer customized feedback to support you in your development as a coach.

“This training truly made the course work come alive – the engagement and accessibility of the trainers and their feedback helped me customize strengthening weaknesses and recognizing strengths, and the way they taught with the value of learning experientially made all the difference of coaching being a distant concept to being a useful and transformational tool.”

Not sure where to begin?

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