Professional Global/Missions Coach Certificate

It all begins with our 1-year cross-cultural, Christ-centered Foundations for Coaching Excellence (FCE) course that will give you the skills to ask powerful questions, to know what to listen for and how to draw out God’s heart in your client, coworker, or any individual to help them achieve their goals.

After the first year, you may take the following advanced level courses in the order you choose.

Coaching with Life Purpose (CLP) course will provide you with the perspectives, tools, and skills to bring clarity and understanding to your client’s life purpose and calling.

Coaching with Cultural Intelligence (CCQ) course will provide you with the perspective, tools, and skills to recognize and adapt your approach to other cultural contexts, and to consider the cultural values that impact the coaching relationship.

Coaching with Personality Types (CPT) course uses the Myers-Briggs Personality Type (MBTI) method as a foundation for developing an understanding of how to coach different personality types.

ICF Mentor Coaching Group offers you professional guidance in a collaborative environment where you will increase your coaching capabilities in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies. 

Certificate Cost

$6285 – Standard Training Rate*
$5520 – Missions Personnel on Support Training Rate*
$200 – ACSTH Fee if completing the Advance Life Coach Certificate Path

*Additional fees may be required for onsite training courses 

Professional Global / Missions Coach Certificate

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