The Seven Eyed Model of Coaching Supervision

Demonstrating ethical practice (ICF Core Competency) by:

  • Embodying the coaching mindset (ICF Core Competency
  • Fundamental to coaching and are prerequisites for obtaining an ICF credential.

Moreover, the updated ICF Core Competency Model underscores the significance of ongoing reflective practice.

This conveys that coaching encompasses a level of complexity that demands a support structure beyond mere ‘competency development’ or ‘coaching a coach.’ This is where Coaching Supervision comes in, providing a comprehensive framework to strengthen coaching practice, its relationships and those who are involved.

This 90 minute CEU introduces the ‘Seven Eyed Model of Coaching Supervision‘ to illustrate the intricacies of the coaching relationship and how Supervision serves as an essential support structure for developing an effective ongoing reflective practice that enhances one’s coaching.

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