Foundations for Coaching Excellence

A 1-year cross-cultural, Christ-centered Foundations for Coaching Excellence (FCE) course. Comprised of three phases.

Phase One: Cohorts meet online to discover and engage on topics such as:

  • The Power of Personal Responsibility
  • Conversations in Your Head
  • Top Ten Mistakes Coaches make when asking Questions

Phase Two: A one week, in person, intensive week dedicated to honing your coaching skills. You’ll hear this referred to as “Intensive Week”.

  • Practicums
  • Progress
  • Peer Sessions
  • Workbook co-hort learning
  • Evaluation and Feedback

Phase Three: Cohorts meet online to engage on topics such as:

  • Active coaching
  • Coaching Hours Logging “How To”
  • Life Purpose Taster
  • Coaching & Ethics
  • Revisiting Goals, Desires and Expectations
  • Requirements Submission for Certificate
  • Preparing for Graduation

Note: FCE is a required course which can apply towards  ICF Coaching Credentials requirements.